Our Story

You know the way some countries do backhanded insults? Phrases that, at first, seem complimentary, but turn out to be derogatory?

Only in Ireland do you find backhanded compliments – and, coincidentally, Cute Hoors. As a beer,it may sound like the devil’s dregs, but in reality, a Cute Hoor Irish Pale Ale, Wheat Beer or Digby’s Porter delivers in substance, taste and that all important ahhhh! As much ‘crafty’ as ‘craft’ beer, it’s for those who don’t play by the rules, and have the wits to get away with it.

Thoroughly unconventional and unpredictable, our drinkers can always find their way around a tricky situation. Drinking Cute Hoor’s as much about their attitude to life as their tastes in beer. It’s both a term of endearment and a beer for those who challenge convention and see humour in the everyday.

Basically, it’s where mischief flows.